Chuck Canli was born to Turkish parents in Chicago, Illinois and learned the value of hard work from a young age. The well-traveled Chuck has seen much of the world, is multi-cultural at heart, and loves to engage with new people. The eldest of three siblings, he is a naturally protective person and possesses a supreme degree of maturity and responsibility. A passionate conversationalist, Chuck is immediately likable and leavens his innate charisma with warm, palpable sincerity.

Summoning these characteristics in service to others has been a hallmark of Chuck’s real estate career. Chuck believes in earning business through cultivating trust, a formula which invariably serves the interest of the client. He is ambitious, candid, good-natured, and courteous. He believes in doing the very best work of which he is capable and will fight for his clients at every turn.

When not waist-deep in the work necessary to achieve real estate success, Chuck can be found enjoying professional basketball, whether via television or in the flesh. A Chicago native through and through, he is a Bulls fan to his very marrow.

Chuck is also an avid hiker with a strong affinity for the outdoors. Following a day on the Arizona trails, he can be found honing his considerable culinary talents; no recipe is ever deemed too daunting in the Canli kitchen.

Chuck Canli


MOBILE 224-406-4135

OFFICE 480-706-1600

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