James is a lifelong ‘Valley of the Sun’ inhabitant and cherishes every inch of his home state. The youngest of three siblings, James remains close and devoted to his beloved family. An innate mediator and detail-oriented professional, James is able to achieve compromise under any circumstances and revels in the art of problem-solving.

Where James excels as a Realtor is in his ability to create peace of mind for clients who might otherwise feel overwhelmed by the paperwork associated with listing one’s home. His trustworthiness (combined with his sterling patience) is more than enough to generate a sense of comfort—a valuable commodity these days. James’ strong command of real estate paperwork, contract guidelines, and industry terminology sets him apart from many others in the field, as does his impeccable work ethic.

Aside from his constant pursuit of real estate excellence, James is also an avid comic book fan and loves the art of dance. He can often be found vigorously practicing the salsa form or eagerly standing in the movie theater line awaiting whatever Marvel® film happens to be playing.

James Hernandez


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OFFICE 480-706-1600

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